Core Aeration

Although plants face many hazards which impact their growing, the symptoms of one issue can remain similar to that of another. For instance, when a plant’s leaves turn yellow, is it due to the changing seasons, lack of water, or too much sun exposure? When talking about grass, it may be that it has become too intertwined and that the soil gets impacted. Because each blade of grass grows as a separate plant, it weaves together over time.

Soil compaction soon leads to grass choking itself out, as well as preventing water from reaching down to the roots. If not handled quickly, you’ll get faced with a dead lawn and little explanation as to why. Instead, Herndon Brothers Lawn Care provides the best in local core aeration services to restore your grass in no time. Call us now to hear about how our aeration services can renew your impacted lawns.

What is Core Aeration?

Core aeration service is an advanced landscaping technique that is required when grass grows too thatched together. The device used punctures the ground and leaves behind a small hole, which allows resources to penetrate the soil and feed the starved root systems. All plants require water, but many of us forget that they are living, breathing things. In addition to water and sunlight, plants also need oxygen to continue growing.

While most of their oxygen intake comes from water, it still needs air the old-fashioned way. Plants draw in CO2 and release oxygen, which they also consume some of it in the process. If your plants aren’t getting fresh air below the surface, they may start suffocating. Don’t let this happen to your yard and call us now for your best core aeration service.

How Does Aeration Work?

Core aeration is a straightforward application that requires little to no changes on behalf of your regular yard care schedule. In a matter of minutes, the aeration device rolls over your grass, much like a push lawn mower, leaving behind clumps of dirt that get yanked out of the ground. Although it may seem disconcerting at first, core aeration will not damage your property. The holes it creates are often no more than six inches deep, and they are only about an inch wide.

That means that puncturing the ground won’t put your family at risk, and there is no danger of tripping and falling. The holes will likely fill back in following the next rain shower or sprinkler application. Removing ground plugs allows your grass to breathe easier once more, and you’ll see a noticeable change in its overall health and well-being. If you can’t seem to diagnose what’s keeping your yard sickly, you likely need us to help you.

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