Drainage & Erosion Control

When it comes to preserving your yard, the two main problems most homeowners have is either plants getting too much water or not enough. Even with sprinklers installed correctly, your plants may continue drowning or frying. The reason why water drainage issues are familiar is the grading of your property. Most lots aren’t as flat as they appear, and water tends to pool in some areas while washing away others.

The best defense you can take is hiring a professional landscaping service for drainage and erosion control. And for the trusted name in Memphis Tennessee lawn care, Herndon Brothers Lawn Care continues helping yards grow daily. We offer professional service, quality results, and affordable pricing for every job. Call now for a free estimate and your best yard protection.

Yard Drainage Services

Many homes require an after-market yard drain installed to promote better rainwater and irrigation flowing. Otherwise, you may have patches of grass that remain underwater or some sections that get too hot and dry. Using French Drains, swales, and updated grading, we can direct and dissipate water quickly. Whether you need it redirected to drier plant areas or just need it to recede sooner, yard drainage is crucial to a healthy lawn.

Some homeowners are under the impression that when it comes to plants, the more water they get, the better. However, like all living things, too much water will cause the plant to drown. If you struggle to keep your lawns alive, yard drainage services are likely what you need. Call today to provide your grass with the drainage services it needs to stay healthy.

Erosion Control Services

Because many neighborhoods back up to hills, mountains, and sloping terrains, most homes need retaining walls and other erosion control support structures. Otherwise, it isn’t just dangerous for grass and plants, but it puts your home in harm’s way as well. Whether it’s a yard prone to flooding or steep drop-offs that pose a threat, our team can better protect you. We offer a variety of erosion control techniques such as: 

  • Retention Wall Building
  • Yard Grading
  • Swale Creations
  • Landscape Planting
  • River Rock Installation
  • Yard Drains
  • And more erosion control options.

No one else keeps your yard safe from erosion damage as we can. We offer the support that your home requires at affordable rates each day. Don’t want for massive mudslides and crumbling hillsides before hiring us for erosion control services. Call now for a free quote on increased safety for your home.

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Whether your yard retains too much water or not enough, Herndon Brothers Lawn Care provides the best drainage control options around. Contact us today for your best landscape maintenance services.