Landscape Maintenance

The typical person spends a few hours in their yard every month. However, is that honestly enough to keep it looking its best? Maintaining your lawns can quickly become a full-time job depending on what it is you’re trying to achieve. However, to keep your landscape maintenance simple, it helps to know that you can choose an experienced team of local Memphis, Tennessee landscaping professionals.

Herndon Brothers Lawn Care remains the trusted choice in complete landscape maintenance needs. From keeping grass green to healthier trees and bushes, we can do it all for less. If you are sick of wasting time in your yard each week trying to spruce it up without results, then it’s time to call in the experts. Call now to schedule us for your best landscape maintenance solutions.

Complete Landscape Maintenance Options

Landscape maintenance is a collection of lawn care services that are ideal for long-term upkeep. No matter the season or time of year, it means having the best solution ready at all times. Whether it’s cleaning up your yard between seasons, removing leaves and dead plant growth, or adding fertilizers to plants, there are many ways to maintain a yard. When a single solution, such as cutting grass, fails to do the trick, we provide everything you need for a better lawn. 

The key to proper maintenance is not waiting too long before meeting the seasonal needs of your plants. When you choose us, we make it simple to keep your plants growing all year long. Choose us for all your landscape maintenance needs. We guarantee the best results longer every week with:

  • Grass Mowing
  • Weed Control & Prevention
  • Yard Perimeter Edging
  • Leaf Removal Service
  • Spring Yard Cleaning
  • Fall Clean Ups
  • Yard Irrigation Service
  • Plant Health Inspections
  • Leaf Blower & Concrete Sweeping
  • Green Debris Removal
  • Tree & Bush Pruning
  • And more quality landscape solutions.

Why Landscape Maintenance?

Most of us would prefer to have a yard that looks like it came straight out of a home improvement magazine. Unfortunately, many homeowners lack the time, know-how, or the tools and equipment necessary to achieve these sorts of results. Instead, hiring a professional lawn care team can save you more time on landscaping, as well as money in the long run. When you aren’t dealing with difficult plant issues because of routine lawn maintenance services, it helps plants grow better all year. Otherwise, you could drive yourself nuts driving to cover all of your yard care aspects alone, especially without the proper rakes, lawn mowers, and leaf blowers. Doing yard work the hard way means spending days in the sun, struggling to tame your plants. 

When you need a straightforward solution to more landscaping issues, you can always rely on Herndon Brothers Lawn Care. Call us today for a free quote or to hire your local landscaping experts for your home.