Leaf Removal Service

When the first fall leaf drops to the ground, we often observe our yards fondly. Few things beat the first cooler breeze of the coming autumn weather. However, once your yard gets entirely blanketed in fallen leaves, autumn remains a little less lovely. Now you’re faced with hours of raking up leaves and creating dozens of blisters on your hands.

Instead, you can always call Herndon Brothers Lawn Care to relieve you of hours of backbreaking work and allowing you to enjoy more free time this coming fall season. We have the easy and affordable solution to removing more leaves from your yard than anyone else around. See why we remain the trusted name in Memphis, Tennessee lawn care services. No one else saves you more money and time each week than our team.

Leaf Vacuum Removal

Any homeowner can tell you how quickly leaf raking becomes infuriating. Not only will the slightest breeze threaten your most recent pile, but the teeth soon get clogged with stubborn dead leaves. Once you round them all up, you still have hours of bagging, lifting, and disposing of your debris. You might even learn that you need to pay for green debris disposal or schedule a pickup, meaning you get to warehouse them in the process.

Instead, our team provides a safe, straightforward approach to leaf removal service. By using an industrial leaf vacuum, we suck up and remove every fallen leaf in a fraction of the time. We then remove it all and properly dispose of it in a recycling center, eliminating the need for cramming your trash can or holding on to landscaping trash bags for weeks at a time. When you need faster removal for your leaves, you can always count on us to get it done.

How Does it Work?

Although the equipment is far louder and dense, the process is relatively the same as when you vacuum interior surfaces inside of your home. The vacuum collects leaves, similarly as a leaf blower operates, and sends them into a collection chamber. From there, the leaves get taken to the closest green recycling center, where instead of winding up in landfills, it gets converted to mulch or compost. Leave vacuuming is the more responsible way to eliminate dead leaves than traditional raking and disposal.

Best of all, vacuuming leaves is far faster than attempting to rake and bag each one manually. In a fraction of the time that you would need to spend cleaning it all up by yourself, we’ll already be down the road and headed to dispose of them.

Stop cleaning up your leaves the hard way. Instead, let Herndon Brothers Lawn Care provide you with the affordable and efficient way to remove more leaves fast.