Mulch installation is one of the most beneficial things you can have done for your landscape. Aside from the aesthetic benefits mulch provides it also protects your plants from extreme temperatures, enriches the soil, inhibits weed germination, and most importantly it helps retain soil moisture.

We offer several different types of mulches for you to choose from. Each type of mulch has its own advantages and disadvantages based on your particular needs. Below are a few of the more popular mulch options we offer:

Eucalyptus Mulch:

Our eucalyptus mulch is shredded eucalyptus and helps preserve soil moisture and regulates the ground surface temperature. When installed at the recommended 3 to 4 inch depth it also blocks light transmission to germinating weeds. This mulch will help your flowerbeds look great while reducing weeds.

Color Enhanced Mulch:

We offer black, brown, and red color enhanced mulch for your landscaping. Business or homeowners can choose what color will look best for their properties. Color enhanced mulches can retain their color for up to 12 months and give your flowerbed a well manicured look all year.

Bark Mulch:

Pine bark nuggets are an excellent ground cover when applied at the recommended 3 to 4 inch depth and have a longer decomposition cycle when compared to other mulches so they do not need to be replenished as regularly. One disadvantage to bark is it will float so if you have excessive water accumulation in your flowerbed you may want to avoid bark.

Playground Mulch:

Playground mulch, sometimes referred to as play safe mulch (ADA Certified) is most commonly used on playgrounds and a daycare facilities. Playground mulch is Melaleuca mulch that is filtered of debris and provides impact resiliency that meets ASTM standards when applied at a 12 inch depth and provides a safe surface for playgrounds.

Mulch Installation

As a homeowner, we all wish that there was one item that could solve multiple daily problems that we face. That attitude even extends towards maintaining your yards. What can you do to prevent weeds from spreading, as well as nourishing plants and retaining more moisture for their benefit? Believe it or not, the produce choice that works best is traditional organic mulch.

Plant mulch installation is a practical solution to more types of everyday annoyances in your yards. Choosing a team of landscaping professionals makes the application even more affordable. Choosing Herndon Brothers Lawn Care means receiving better mulch products and expert applications. Provide your yard with the best in local Memphis, Tennessee landscaping services.

What is Mulch?

Mulch is nothing more than ground-up plant materials, such as bark, leaves, branches, and other items. Once the mix together, the pieces form chunks or strips which get spread across plant beds and grass. Mulching comes in a few different colors, although they all have their benefits in your yard. Despite any differences in their characteristics, all mulch can benefit nearly any type of plant.

The wood chips are just too dense for weeds to push through, and as the plant matter breaks down, it feeds your plant naturally fertilizing chemicals like nitrogen. Mulching is a safe and effective way to keep your lawns healthier without toxic chemicals. If your yard could use some additional help, but you aren’t sure what to use, chances are you can benefit from professional mulch installation. Call us today to schedule your yard application and experience the difference.

Why Do I Need Mulch?

All plants face a variety of different health hazards, even ones we aren’t aware of occurring. For instance, changes in ground temperature, like a one-night cold snap, can send your plants into shock or worse. Mulch helps protect your plants’ root systems by creating an insulated barrier that traps air between the soil and the wood, keeping your grass, trees, and bushes from experiencing temperature damage. Even during rainy days, the wood mulch will absorb much of the water, which will continue moisturizing plants after the storm passes. Using mulch often eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers and protective spray treatments. If you remain concerned about what products get used in your yard, it doesn’t get much safer than mulch applications.

If you want to give your lawns the best protection possible without harsh chemical products, then call Herndon Brothers Lawn Care for professional mulching installations. No one else has your yard’s best interests in mind like our team.