Stump Grinding

Many things can wind up taking away from your home’s curb appeal. Unfortunately, unlike debris, ant hills, and other easily removable obstacles, tree stumps aren’t always as simple to take away. Even if your tree was cut down by a professional service, you still have a stump to take care of before pests move in. Over time, a rotting stump is attractive to termites, beetles, carpenter ants, and other pesky bugs and varmints.

When you need your tree stumps gone today, you need Herndon Brothers Lawn Care to help you. We use industrial strength stump grinding equipment to wear it away faster. If you are tired of your tree stumps littering your yard, then contact us now to remove them all. We guarantee the best stump removals around throughout the greater Memphis, TN area.

Why Are Stumps Left?

When trees are removed, either by you or a service provider, the stump gets left behind. That is because, as the base of the tree, it’s more stubborn than the rest of the plant. Cutting trees down is a straightforward process. By slicing through the trunk, the tree topples over.

When it comes to the stump, however, it must either get pulled out from the ground or worn down to a nub. We prefer stump grinding as it quickly removes any remaining plant matter from every tree species with ease. Otherwise, you’re left trying to excavate the stump, and the root system can be several feet under the earth. Before you know it, you’ll have a crater in your backyard and stubborn stump still hanging around.

What is a Stump Grinder?

A stump grinder is a piece of specialized equipment specially manufactured to cut through thick, hearty tree stumps. With a motorized wheel and sharp teeth, the stump gets worn away from the top down, leaving nothing but saw dust behind. Depending on the strength of the grinder and the thickness of the stump, this process can finish quickly, or it could take a few hours. Although it may be possible to rent a stump grinder, most consumer units aren’t powerful enough for every situation. It’s recommended to choose a professional landscaping provider to handle stump grinding. If not done correctly, the remainder of the plant may wind up growing back in.

When you need to know for sure that your tree stumps get removed for good, you need us to assist your home. Call Herndon Brothers Lawn Care today for your best choice in local Memphis stump grinding solutions.