Tree Removal

When you look up at a tall, ancient oak tree, it may seem as if they’re invulnerable. However, even the most durable tree is susceptible to a range of hazards, both inside and out. Many homeowners get comfortable around older trees. If they have grown this long, they don’t need any help, right?

Time and again, the landscaping experts at Herndon Brothers Lawn Care see trees on their deathbed from things that could have gotten corrected. Whether it was improper watering, a lack of seasonal care, or invasive pests, eventually the only course of action is cutting it down. When you have dead or dying trees, you need to remove them immediately. Call us today for the best choice in quick and straightforward tree removal services throughout the Memphis, TN area.

Do I Need Tree Removal?

When most people call a landscaping service, it’s likely for care and maintenance and not to cut trees down. Unfortunately, when trees get sick, they become a dangerous hazard. Some trees weigh thousands of pounds, and once they begin to uproot, there is no stopping them until they crash back down. When they land in the center of your living room, however, you now have thousands of dollars in repairs to complete.

Instead, if it appears as if your trees are out of luck, we provide fast and affordable tree removal service. We cut down your plants safely and efficiently, preventing further harm from taking place. If we determine that they are capable of recovery, we also present that option as well. Whatever you need to keep your home and yard safer, we offer it every day.

Is My Tree Dead?

Determining whether or not your tree has died isn’t as straightforward as one might think. Many plant species can switch to a hibernation cycle when resources are scarce, and they can remain dormant for a long time. It takes an experienced team of landscaping professionals to know for sure whether or not a tree must get removed. Things like bark peeling away, carpenter ant infestations, fungal growth, and healthy branches dropping are all warning signs of a dead tree.

Once the tree is wholly dead, the roots don’t cling to the soil as tightly. As a result, the dead tree will eventually get uprooted, leaning to one side or another until gravity takes care of the rest. Unfortunately, that can also mean there is no way of knowing where it will land. Instead, call us immediately, and we’ll ensure the safest dead tree extraction possible.

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A dead tree in your yard is a time bomb waiting to damage whatever is in the area. Before you experience property damage or injuries, allow Herndon Brothers Lawn Care to keep you and your family safe.