Tree Trimming

It’s incredible to think about how many different types of trees exist out in the world. And yet, despite their differences, they all eventually require tree trimming services. While you always want trees to fill out and grow taller, allowing them to continue growing wild can cause more harm than benefit. Branches that stretch out can uproot trees, while dead leaves and branches rob the plant of nutrients.

No matter how tall or type of tree your yard has, Herndon Brothers Lawn Care provides the best in local trimming services. Whether you need a weekly prune, or a seasonal trim and clean up, we offer the best tree care options around. Call today to give your plants the best in tree trimmingservices. We can keep your trees looking their best for longer.

Tree Pruning Services

Pruning is necessary to keep trees looking manicured, as well as promoting better overall health. Some trees wind up damaging themselves through natural growth, usually from branches rubbing together or too thick of crowns blocking out the sun. Pruning is the selective removal of specific branches that are causing issues either to the tree itself or the plants below it. Pruning is also required when limbs get damaged, are already dead, or is stunting the growth of those plants growing around it.

Broken branches can attract pests like termites, and they can fall off at any time. Fruit trees also need frequent pruning to promote a better harvest. No matter the reason for your call, our team has the experience you can trust. Contact us today for your best tree pruning services.

Professional Tree Trimming

In other situations, your trees may place your home in danger. Whether lightning hit them, are leaning towards your home, or are growing near power lines, you need your trees trimmed before disaster strikes. Trimming is a safe method that keeps the tree alive while carefully removing only the branches that pose a problem. Even if an entire section of a tree is damaged, the plant can still make a full recovery.

Tree trimming must get done correctly, or else it can put a ton of strain on the plant. Otherwise, it can cause tree knotting, stunt its growth, leave it deformed, or even wind up killing it. When you need your trees trimmed correctly, you need us to help them out. Call now for your best choice in local tree trimming services.

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Whether you need annual fruit tree pruning or routine trimming, we can provide it all for less. No one else knows trees like Herndon Brothers Lawn Care. Call now for a quote on giving your trees the best care possible. We guarantee your plants will look and feel their best each time.